M. David Green

I'm a web developer, publisher, and consultant in San Francisco. Online networking has been a strong interest of mine since I wrote my thesis on the subject some two decades ago, in a self-styled major program at U.C. Berkeley which I called the Social Science of Telecommunications. I proposed to identify and explore social communities existing in shared online environments. It sounded like science fiction to most of my professors back then. I did my research on cutting edge technology at the time; private BBS systems set up by folks on their home telephone lines with 300-1200 BAUD modems.

What I saw showed me that the human instinct to network is vital enough to thrive in any medium that allows one person to connect to another.

I've earned my MBA in Organizational Behavior, produced award-winning independent documentaries, and worked as a Writer, Editor, Engineer, PR Manager, and Marketing Director at companies such as Salon.com, Apple Computer, MOG, and StumbleUpon. Through it all, I've found that this learning has had implications for everything I do

I'm always working on my front-end web development skills, and I enjoy sharing what I learn as I go. Feel free to explore my blog posts about HTML & CSS, Javascript, and RESTful API design.

I produce video documentaries with Khaled Sayed, an award-winning independent director. Egypt: The Story Behind the Revolution and Stories From Tahrir were recently released. We are developing two new documentaries; one about the impact of revolution in the middle east on women's rights, and another on the international startup scene and the culture of information sharing.

When it comes to HTML, I'm all about the semantics, and have been for years. My Semantic HTML/CSS Development Guidelines are a little out of date now, but still contain some helpful advice.

I do a bit of guest blogging and writing as well. I have a couple of articles up on Ouishare.net about the sharing economy. I've also written some essays for Medium, and some articles on agile, scrum, and good engineering practices for Sitepoint.